New Product Launch
Whole Blend IsaLean Shake is a new twist on a flagship product—sourcing a diversity of vitamins and minerals from organic whole vegetables to create a new superfood experience.
Role: Copywriter & Strategist
Goals & Challenges
1. Create a successor to IsaLean Shake that is more appealing to customers while maintaining the good reputation of a flagship product.
2. Tell the vitamer story (the diversity of vitamins that come from organic whole vegetables) in a fun and effective way the customer can understand easily.
3. Launch a product that steps side-by-side with the new company brand.
Results & Takeaways
Whole Blend IsaLean Shake takes a leading role in the vitamer story (explained in the videos below). We needed a product that would hit the ground running and sing praises to the innovative new way to source vitamins and minerals.
At the same time, the existing IsaLean Shake is the bread and butter of the product line. It would have been a lot to just replace a shake thousands of people love with something new, even if the new product is an improvement (imagine if someone suddenly replaced your favorite breakfast cereal). We needed to guide and encourage customers towards the new shake on their own.
The final result was an excellent blend of new product hype and flash while continuing to respect the popularity of the current favorite. It's the perfect product to introduce our new brand as customers are not just moving from IsaLean Shake to Whole Blend IsaLean Shake, but also joining a new era of Isagenix.
Advertising & Product Education
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