Shorty Award-Winning Video Series
PetSmart teamed up with YouTube influencer Aaron from Lazyron Studios and his adorable pug puppy Guppy (say that five times fast) to create a fun and informative series on puppy training.
Role: Producer, Writer, & Script Supervisor
Goals & Challenges
1. Create a fun and authoritative resource on YouTube for new puppy parents.
2. Leverage the star power and fan base of a YouTube influencer as the protagonist of the series.
3. Market the expertise of PetSmart pet trainers with a knowledgeable puppy training co-star.
Results & Takeaways
With more than 1.4 million subscribers, Aaron and Guppy gave the video and instant boost that pushed each video to the front page of their targeted search results. The 12-video series has millions of views ("Potty Training" with more than 2.2 million views) and won a 2018 Shorty Award in the Pets & Animals, YouTube Partnership Category.
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