Digital Library for Pet Parents
Owning a new pet comes with a lot of knowledge, responsibility, and sometimes uncertainty. The PetSmart Learning Center was rebuilt with new articles and guides to ensure everything from dogs and cats to fish and hamsters was fully covered.
Role: Copywriter & Strategist
Goals & Challenges
1. Redesign and rebuild a section of for new pet parents.
2. Create a rich and easy-to-use database of guides for pet owners of all types.
3. Update existing content that is current with the latest in animal science and best practices.
Results & Takeaways had just switched developer platforms, making the technical transformation as challenging as the creative. Writing new content to fill the gaps in pet knowledge was easy; updating existing content required the close collaboration of the staff veterinarians to ensure everything was accurate and up to date. The Learning Center is now a robust and complete information center that is still being updated and refreshed with fun, new content.
Learning Center on PetSmart Mobile App
A more personal way to read engaging pet content.
- Pet parents customize pet profiles for better content, service, and product recommendations.
- Relevant Learning Center articles based on their preferences.
- Fun videos about puppies (and who doesn't love that).
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