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Gore-Tex is the industry leader in waterproof fabrics for reputable outdoors brands such as The North Face, Arc'Teryx, and Salomon. Its blog is a hub for outdoors stories, product reviews, and testimonials about Gore-Tex products.
Role: Writer & Researcher
Goals & Challenges
1. Review new products with Gore-Tex technology from my own perspective.
2. Familiarize myself with Gore-Tex brand guidelines and write like an industry expert.
3. Create a voice that is unique from other outdoors athletes and professionals that also write for the Gore-Tex blog.
Results & Takeaways
I had the opportunity to review a high-end pair of The North Face boots and a rain layer. Because I'm not an industry professional and work a full-time job, I had to search for an angle that would appeal to readers like me—the weekend warrior. 
I took my first subject, a pair of waterproof boots, up north to Flagstaff, Arizona and created a video on my YouTube channel to accompany the written content. After it published, Gore-Tex had me back to write and review two more pieces for its blog.
Video Review
Blog Post
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