New Product Launch
BEA is an all-natural approach to the conventional energy drink with botanical adaptogens and a strong marketing appeal to women.
Role: Copywriter & Strategist
Goals & Challenges
1. Launch an energy drink that stands apart from brands such as Red Bull, Monster, and Bang in a mature, saturated market.
2. Capitalize on a market opportunity for an energy drink targeted towards women in a market that generally favors men.
3. Market an energy drink that does not cannibalize our existing energy shot product.
Results & Takeaways
Despite a saturated market, BEA launched with great reception and sold 7% above forecast for the quarter. A second flavor, Citrus Sunrise, has already launched with more flavors on the horizon. The most impactful takeaway from this project is that even a product type available almost everywhere can still be marketed in a new way to a different demographic.​​​​​​​
Advertising & Product Education
Visual Inspiration
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